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studio bumbuli is a tribute to the slow life, to the small, quiet moments that let us feel the sweet life.
We all know those special moments – be it that one day at the sea, the feeling of sand between your toes, the nightly whispering under the covers with your best friend or even just the special scent that wafts through the window after a summer storm.
To the small, quiet moments!

Hello, this is me, Marion.

Heart, gut and head behind bumbuli. Glad you found your way here!
I'm the one who answers your emails, jumps for joy at every order, wraps your parcels with a lovely greeting and takes them to the post office. I think of new cuts, develop prototypes, communicate with suppliers and producers, look for colors and color combinations, plan new things and sometimes discard them.
What drives me is my love of fabrics and craftsmanship, of old and new, of colors in light and shadow. I enjoy it when something comes into being under my hands and my heart melts when someone feels particularly comfortable in it.
And all bumbulis are made to make you feel good.