studio bumbuli is a homage to the special moments in life that enchant us, that make us feel alive because they are full of contentment, warmth and happiness.

Everyone of us knows such special experiences, such as a summer holiday by the sea, watching your grandfather carve, whispering under the blanket with your best friend or just remembering the special smell that comes in after a summer storm...

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Hello - this is me, Marion

As a dressmaker and clothing technician I have worked for many years in different areas of the clothing industry and have gained valuable experience. For me, it is not only the fit of a garment, but also the material, its origin and manufacture that are decisive for our well-being and that of our environment.

As a mother myself, I place great value on comfort and cosiness - clothing helps to create a space in which children feel safe and secure.

With studio bumbuli I combine all these needs and produce feel-good clothing for all those who appreciate an authentic style and the quiet life.

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